5 Signs You’re Ready for an Addiction Recovery Center

addiction recovery

You know you shouldn’t be using drugs or alcohol. No one gets addicted thinking it’s the right thing to do, but knowing you shouldn’t and being ready to quit for good are two very different things.For many people living with substance use disorder, they need that final push to get them in the door of an addiction recovery center.

Well, here it is. If you see yourself reflected in the below list, then it may be time to check into a rehab center.

1. Your Health Is Getting Worse

It’s no secret that substance abuse isn’t good for your health. But when you first start, you aren’t likely to notice any serious health problems, which can make doing damage to your body easy to ignore. However, if you’re developing more and more health problems and you’re spending more time worrying about your health, it may be a sign that you’re ready to look into recovery treatment programs.

Conditions that could be negatively impacted by your habit include:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart attack and stroke
  • Heart and lung disease
  • Cancer

You should also consider the indirect consequences of your addiction to your health. Use of drugs and alcohol can affect your sleep, make you more prone to accidents, and cause you to spend time with people who are abusive. If you’re tired, sore, and worried your life will end early, addiction treatment may be a vital next step for you.

2. You’re Tired of Getting into Trouble

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Drugs and alcohol can be invigorating at first. The freedom from responsibility and worry can be intoxicating, especially for those living with anxiety or depression. But when those feelings wear off, you’re left with the destruction that drugs and alcohol have created in your life.

Addiction comes with a lot of trouble. You might miss more work than you should, which leads to your termination. In turn, you may be forced to steal for money to fund your addiction. This can lead to a loss of trust between you and your loved ones and, in severe cases, jail time. Public intoxication and driving under the influence can come with hefty fines. As your troubles multiply, you will have to choose one of two different options. You can continue using to try and make the problems go away in the moment, or you can seek addiction treatment to make all those problems go away for good.

3. You Miss People Who Are No Longer in Your Life

When you first started using, it was probably easy to keep your addiction a secret. However, as it got worse, those closest to you probably noticed and tried to help. If you didn’t heed their guidance, they probably gave up. This was not because they didn’t care about you, but watching someone suffer through addiction is hard. For their own mental health, they may have chosen to cut you out of their lives.

You may say, “Good riddance,” at first, but eventually, you will miss having those people in your life. Nobody can handle the stresses of life alone, especially those who are suffering from substance use disorder. If you want those people back in your life, even if you’re not fully ready to make amends, you’re likely ready to look at addiction treatment centers.

4. You’re Tired of All Your Money Problems

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Drug and alcohol addictions come with lots of problems, but one of the biggest is in relation to your finances. Even if you don’t find yourself in legal trouble and you’re able to hold down a job, paying for drugs and alcohol is expensive! It isn’t long before your bank account is drained, which leaves you with no money to pay your bills.

Many drug addicts spend hundreds of dollars a day on their addiction, which means by the end of the year, they have spent an entire year’s salary worth of money on drugs alone. If you’re truly tired of never having any money, it’s time to break your habit.

5. You Dream of a Future Without Drugs and Alcohol

It isn’t always easy to quantify whether or not you are actually ready for residential treatment. Sometimes, it isn’t about the money, your loved ones, or your health. Sometimes, you just know. You feel it in your bones.

It may happen over the course of weeks, months, or even years; each day bringing you closer to entering an addiction recovery center. For some, it happens in an instant. They wake up one morning and just know that’s their last day as an addict.

What’s common in all cases is that suddenly you can see a future without drugs and alcohol, and it’s a future you start dreaming about. When you can see that future and you know it is within your grasp, you can be confident that you’re ready for treatment at an addiction recovery center.

We Can Help You

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We hope to provide a safe atmosphere where people feel the love of Jesus and each other. In addition, our clinical staff have the highest qualifications to treat trauma and deeper-rooted issues. Reach out to us today by calling 1-844-232-6151 or filling out this contact form.

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