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Many people who are dealing with drug or alcohol addictions seek spiritual support in trying to detox and recover.

What You Need to Know

A faith-based rehabilitation program can make all the difference in your recovery. By learning to embrace God’s love and His healing, you can achieve a lifelong recovery. In our Get Christian Recovery program, we provide:

  • A Christ-centered and clinically integrated program.
  • Our team of doctors, counselors, and psychiatrists who maintain an evidence-based program without compromise of Biblical truth.
  • Intensive individual counseling that focuses on addiction, trauma, and behavioral patterns. Our counseling process is intense and extremely effective.
  • Comprehensive addiction education groups.
  • Intense discharge planning and aftercare options to assure successful transitions.

Christian Based Recovery

Why Choose Faith-Based Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation?

Whether you’ve already tried other addiction treatment options or this is your first time, you know how difficult quitting can be. Relapse is painfully common, and some find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of brief sobriety followed by dangerous relapse. Our Get Christian Recovery program is here to break that cycle.

By learning to rely on God, you can find the strength to get and stay sober. Our program will help you learn to make positive, healthy choices that honor yourself and God.

By turning to God for guidance, you will finally find that “missing piece” that hasn’t been there for your earlier attempts at recovery. And in our Christian rehabilitation program, our highly trained staff will help you put the pieces together of traditional, clinical treatment, and faith.

Do you need help, or are you looking for help for a loved one? You can reach our admissions specialists at 844-232-6151, or you can fill out our confidential contact form.

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