About Our Christian Recovery Program

The Vance Johnson lead Christian Recovery Program, is an oasis of hope, healing and Christ-centered restoration. 

Christ takes the broken, hopeless, men and women, and offers hope, by the renewing of the mind, Romans 12:2. We specialize in dealing with the rooted issues underlying substance use, abuse, addiction, and codependency.

Our focus, restoration, placing a belief in the sufficiency of God’s Grace and help to overcome the destructive nature of addiction, restoring individuals and families to Hope and a better sober future.

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While we truly commit to God’s Word, we also believe in the necessity of understanding the unique challenges that occur physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in a struggling believer and seeker of faith.  This means that while we are committed to Christ-centered treatment approach, we utilize doctors and professional specialists that diagnose other needs. This may include psychiatric, detoxification or wellness services. 


It is our utmost desire to provide a safe atmosphere where people feel the love of Jesus and each other. There is no room for shame in our program because we have a Rescuer who comes to mend wounds, forgive hurts and birth identity and purpose. But our “caring” also includes oversight, accountability and a relentless crusade to root out the harmful nature of mindsets, habits, strongholds and other issues of the heart. Our clinical staff is trained with the highest rigorous standards that relate to trauma and deeper-rooted issues.


Vance Johnson is a former Denver Broncos, NFL wide receiver with a 10-year career that included three Super Bowl appearances. After growing up around addiction and domestic violence, he struggled with mental health and substance abuse throughout his career. In 2009 his life came to a halt when he fell in an induced coma. Four years later Vance miraculously overcame his drug and alcohol addiction and he has devoted his life to telling his story to others.

Vance is currently an ambassador of 14 mental health and recovery centers around the United States and he is an author releasing his first book “Uncovered”. He has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Maury Povich Show, the NFL Network and recently Wendy Williams. He has been focusing on his full-time ministry as a keynote speaker at churches, addiction/recovery centers, and at organized related events across the country.

It is Vance’s passion and purpose to inspire those who have found themselves powerless broken and looking for a breakthrough.

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Please note: For medical emergencies, please call 911. For other urgent matters, please call our admissions line (888) 82-VANCE. Submissions after-hours, weekends, or holidays may experience a longer response time.

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