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Whether you are dealing with substance abuse issues, you might feel that you have nobody to turn to. These are isolating issues, but there are always people who want to help, no matter if this is your first, second, or tenth try at recovery.

Even with the support of friends and family you are still destined to have your struggles. Luckily, you are never completely alone– God’s love is always with you. If you find yourself looking for your 2nd chance at recovery, starting a faith-based recovery program might just be the ticket.

Faith-Based Inpatient Programs

There are many benefits to an faith-based inpatient treatment center, especially if this isn’t your first time getting treatment. First and foremost, inpatient treatments make it easier to avoid drugs and alcohol. For people who previously relapsed during an outpatient program, having this time away from addictive substances makes a huge difference.

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Moreover, faith-based treatment is a great option for those looking for their 2nd chance at recovery. For those who struggle to maintain long term sober living, having a higher power to rely on empowers them to stay sober. The knowledge that someone is always in your corner does a lot to keep people away from drugs and alcohol.

Of course, no two people experience addiction  in the same way. That’s why we offer several faith-based programs to meet you at your point of need. From 12-step programs to cognitive behavioral therapy, there are plenty of ways that religious and healthcare professionals will equip you with the skills to improve your life. Some of these treatments include:

  • Clinical counseling to help you work through the underlying issues that lead to addiction
  • A structured program and routine to get you in the habit of healthy, sober living
  • Supervised detox to keep you safe during withdrawals

Getting a 2nd Chance at Recovery with God

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No matter who you are, recovery is never easy. Even with loving friends and family, that support is not always enough to keep you in recovery. That is when you can turn to a higher power for support.

But what if you are not a religious person? You can find help regardless of your beliefs. In the end, recovery from substance abuse is the priority. Furthermore, nobody is here to judge you. All that matters to a recovery center is that you are getting the care you need and making strides toward living a happy, healthy life.

We Can Help You

The Christian Recovery Program at The Blackberry Center in St. Cloud, Florida specializes in dealing with the rooted issues underlying substance use, abuse, addiction, and codependency. While we are committed to a Christ-centered treatment approach, we also utilize doctors and clinical specialists to complement that faith-based care.

We hope to provide a safe atmosphere where people feel the love of Jesus and each other. In addition, our clinical staff have the highest qualifications to treat trauma and deeper-rooted issues. Reach out to us today by calling 1-844-232-6151 or filling out this contact form.

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